Eggs, blogs, and Jesus

After living vicariously through my children for many years, I suddenly found a huge space-void  which was previously occupied with violin lessons, doctors visits, school functions, baseball games, term papers and late night breath-checks.  Discovering that my husband was not about to re-locate to a tropical island to drink  pina coladas and hold my hand, I was forced to face the looming question, what’s next?  Or put another way, is that all there is?

Enter, the egg.  I enrolled in my first-ever art class.  The instructor put an egg on a table in front of us and shone a light directly on it.  We were told to take our wide stick vine charcoal and blacken a large space on our newsprint.  Then we were to look very closely at the egg.  Next, we took a chamois and eraser to remove the blackness wherever we saw the light reflecting on the egg.  You could then go in and heavily blacken the darker areas or highlight with white chalk if you felt so inclined.  I was truly astonished when that son of a gun popped off the page and took on depth and form.

 We were encouraged to keep a journal which I promptly purchased. I practiced my egg-art and wrote in my journal all week long.  Here is one of my entries:

  1. To get what I want, I have to give up control
  2. What I’m after isn’t quite what I get
  3. I have never really seen an egg before
  4. Some of my eggs look like hamburgers

And then I got a little crazy and wrote:  First there is darkness.  And then there is light.  And light ushers in creation.  And light gives definition.  And light brings life.  And the darkness cannot put out what the light is doing.


Similar to the way my vision was altered when Jesus first made his presence known to me and I saw life in vivid spirit-color;  this egg enabled me to look for orbs and light and shadow in faces, trees, dishes, everything.

At the next class, we were asked to share our journals, and I enthusiastically volunteered to go first.  After reading my observations to the class,  a bit of  awkwardness entered the room.  The instructor gently explained to me that by journal, he really meant a book of sketches.

Oh, then, nevermind.

The good news is, that I have continued to sketch and draw and paint.  In one of those early classes, my teacher called what we were doing  mark-making.  He explained how everyone has their unique mark and I knew it would be a terrible waste not to discover mine.  I have not reached the level of confidence to call myself an artist  but I am totally at ease with the distinction of mark-maker.

Walking tandem with my mark-making is my voice-finding quest.  And though I have an arsenal of writings in notebooks and on my computer, I cower at the idea of being called a writer.   I like the term, blogger; much less threatening and connoting lower expectations.  And now this Jesus loving, grandchild hugging, mark-making, blogger is feeling quite satisfied.

6 thoughts on “Eggs, blogs, and Jesus

  1. Gwen – this is an amazing post – you are an awesome WRITER! Thanx for sharing your journal and inspiring thoughts (also thanks for the Holy Hilarity describing your presentation to the art class!) grace, peace & art journals – Virginia

  2. Lisa

    I LOVE this entry– for so many reasons. It is funny and it is insightful and it is meaningful to me. Thanks for writing. I am amazed at your talent and courage to do this. You are an inspiration– and I am looking for one!

  3. Jordan Bullock

    I remember my first text message you sent me with your charcoal drawings. I loved them, even though they had imperfections, they had your mark. With each text I received I saw your growth as an artist from your distinct perspective of the world around you. If your blogging is anything like your artwork, then you’ll be able to say that you are a writer in no time without cowering. I love this post. You truly are a spirit moved by words.

  4. Mary Lynn

    Wonderful post. You are both a gifted artist AND writer. The vision of your reading your journal to your art class really made me smile!!

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