Forth to the Past


Dr. Emmett Brown used a DeLorean to transport himself and his young friend, Marty McFly into the future. Consider how far we have progressed since then.  Today, instead of turning on the ignition and fastening our seat belts, we simply power up our laptops and switch on our face-book page and we arrive quite uneventfully into our past. And the past for most of us means high school with all the emotional thrills and feelings of angst, both real and imagined.

 It begins with a friend request and an accepted response. Then there is another request from a friend of a friend followed by an invitation of your own initiative.  A few wall posts, a message or two and voila’, you suddenly find you have a past. 

At first there is a period of adjustment, because your trip backwards in time miraculously returns you to the exquisite age of 17.  You are caught a bit off guard to find that your classmates have not fared as well because flipping through their face-book pictures; you find it necessary to look for clues in their faces to reveal small glimpses of their former selves.

 You may hear from some that you look great and haven’t changed a bit and you may actually believe it (after all you have been beamed back in time).  Or, you may get a message like the one I received.     (Actual post)

He says: Gwen Sears? So, I’m thinking you were formerly Gwen Sears. You need to let me know if I’m right

I say: Yep, You got it right

He says: Thanks a lot. Some of the photos looked like the you I remember, others not so much

The illusion fractured, you begin to put the pieces together and find that many great and wonderful, sad and tragic events have occurred in the lives of everyone over the past 4 decades and if you are like me and have done an incredibly poor job of keeping in touch with old friends, you wish for a second chance or a little more time to celebrate with  and/or offer a bit of comfort or support. 

 The good news is that tomorrow, I can fire up the ole flux capacitor and go forth to the past for another visit.

2 thoughts on “Forth to the Past

  1. Love it! I have to admit I hide when I see someone from my past in grocery store aisles because I’m too nervous for the “how have you been the past 20 years?” conversation… you’ve inspired me to say “hello”

  2. Coni Johnston

    Gwen, how brilliant of you to describe the feeling of “the exquisite age of 17”. That’s EXACTLY how I feel when I’m in the presence of so many wonderful friends. We laugh and crack each other up and we’re 17, forever young. It’s a blessing I treasure. Thank you for reminding us 🙂

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