Bread crumbs and home

I left home on the day I was born into a world of bright lights, noise and a slap on the rear from a masked-man.  A kind woman took me to her house, rocked me and raised me, along with her man, a girl and a couple of boys.  They taught me language and how to love and fight, and gave me their tools of  survival.  I modeled their behavior and I left many bread crumbs there.

When I was ready, I pushed on and out and gathered my own clan of people and moved through the wilderness.  We travelled along together, the five of us, singing and storming and fighting off all the scary things that came out of nowhere and tried to destroy us. My bread crumbs flew from my hand and spilled all over the place. I ran very fast trying to keep pace with the children but they sped on past me.  One by one, they quickened their steps and left me in a lonely desert where I sat down to sift sand.  I was dry and tired, sad and thirsty. 

But then, I turned around and found a spring.  I was given fresh water and new eyes.  And I saw a beautiful place, a grand new world!  I realized that I  had used up all my bread crumbs and that the time had come to gather.   

I search and find my first crumb and taste.  It is good.  I walk and listen and seek and find another.  Each one has turned into a tasty morsel, and even some that once were bitter can be changed in an instant.  The view is exciting from here.  This must be the beginning of my return trip home.

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