Beer doesn’t taste all that great and bloats up your stomach after about 6 sips and then leaves a sort of stale film in your mouth.  I never understood the reason people liked the brew until I became enlightened on a very hot, hot day when a neighbor gave me an extremely cold one in a frosty mug.

My relationship with beer went to a new level when visiting a tiki bar in the Bahamas and finding only one beer on the menu.  There were folded signs on the tables stating:  Our Island, our beer.   So, when in Rome……….

The name of the beer: Kalik which is pronounced caw (like a crow says) and lick.  And here’s the cool part – it is named for the sound that cow bells make as they clomp along.  caw-lick, caw-lick~~~~~~~~~and apparently there is a celebration during the Christmas/New Year season called Junkanoo where cowbells are used as instruments by the island bands.

Finally, because you cannot get this beer anywhere else, if you are drinking a Kalik you are in the islands.  Cheers!

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