Emptying the nest – Simple Math

Life-math 101:

Emptying the nest is simple mathematics.  If the whole equals the sum of its parts and you take away one of the parts, the whole is altered.  I believe the term is less than (symbolized <).  I was never very good at math so my question to you is this:  Is the whole even whole with less than all its parts? 

My daughter left for college one day

And then my son

And then my other son.

5 – 3 < 5

My heart feels like a zero with the middle rubbed out.

I know people who love math because it is constant and predictable. 

go figure 

Life-Math 201:

Time and math are inter-related and co-dependent.  My daughter married and gave me a new son.  Along came a grandson and then a grand-daughter.  Add another daughter and that equals a heart spilling over.

You do the math

2 thoughts on “Emptying the nest – Simple Math

  1. I’m in the stage with one in Kindergarten and one who starts first grade on Monday and I’m anxiously awaiting an empty hour or two. I know I’ll blink and be begging for the chaos to return. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Oh, and you’re welcome for the grandchildren…. 🙂 And, you’re welcome for always moving right down the street. This little bird stays very close to her nest 🙂

  2. Next Friday our nest becomes empty for the first time in 28 years. The moment we longed for is here. We are scared and nervous. Do we still like each other? How will we spend our days together. Sure, I have to work but that is nothing. I am counting on play-grand for some wisdom and encouragement.

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