Wander in Wonder

Has there ever been an equal to M. Sasek for planting the seeds of wander lust in children?   Yesterday I opened my copy of This is London, the book my mother read to me in order to broaden my understanding of the world.  I flipped through whimsy, words and illustration to recapture the city I had first visited as a child.  London, a magnificent city that calls a line a queue, serves tea at four; is home to Her Majesty the Queen, a clock called Big Ben and the Meridian Zero.

This magnificent collection also includes the cities of Paris, Rome, New York,  Venice, and others.  Due to my privileged childhood, I was fortunate to vacation in many of the places which Sasek had seduced me into visiting.  I was always anxious and excited to discover the sights that I had read about for myself.

The pages are yellowing and the jacket is held together by bits of scotch tape and some of the facts are a bit outdated (after all it was published in 1959) but it still strikes a familiar romantic chord.   I lovingly replace my travel guide under the coffee table and fess up to that part of me that insists on truth.

Okay, so I bought the book on e-bay and I never travelled outside of the United States until long after I had children of my own.  But the beauty of those fantasy-laced travel books allow me to be the child heroine and live that life of wander.

http://www.miroslavsasek.com/ Read all about it

By the way:  looking for This is Paris – original printing – any leads out there?

2 thoughts on “Wander in Wonder

  1. Jordan Bullock

    So this Sasek is the reason it now takes you 30 minutes to walk two block in Charleston huh? I guess we can write him a letter and let him know those seeds of wander lust he planted in you as a child have grown into a redwood of bewilderment.

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