A Day at the Beach


  • Shards of fire slicing dark,
  • Dome of light slowly growing.
  • Back-packed baby, clam in shell,
  • Smacking water, swashing, rocking.
  • Scooped out shallows, mounded sand,
  • Weighed-down suit on toddler slipping.
  • Boys on boards, skimming foam,
  • Long-legged shadows, girlfriends walking.
  • Young man casting hope with lure,
  • Fish in bucket, life force ebbing.
  • Couples finding treasure sought,
  • Sun, a jelly nettle stinging.
  • Unseen currents pushing, pulling,
  • Bending, blowing sea oats moving.
  • Cracks in shells and broken dreams,
  • Lonely castle left untended.
  • Changing clouds frame portrait sky,
  • Water, beach and blue shades, blending.
  • Old man, swashing, waving, rocking,
  • Beach ball sun turned flattened egg.
  • Sand in bottle funnel pouring,
  • From one glass orb into another.

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