Heading for Frisco Bay

My son leaves Georgia today to start a new job and life in California.  Reminds me of a few short years ago when he left for college and I watched him sit in his car for a bit, procrastinate, look at his family and his girlfriend one last time, start the engine, wave, and finally drive off.  He seemed pensive and sad and I knew he was hurting because he and his best girl had decided to break up before they started their first semester at different colleges.  But today, he takes that girl, his wife, with him.  And that makes a mom’s heart happy.

http://youtu.be/3Bc141TgZeg – Sing it!


5 thoughts on “Heading for Frisco Bay

  1. Coni Johnston

    You have an amazing gift of being able to put the heartstrings right out there and play a beautiful melody…thank you dear friend.

  2. Mary Pierce Bullock

    It took me a couple of tearful attempts to be able to read this aloud to pj while he drives. I teared up first at the sadness of the memory of his leaving us all behind for college and then for the gratitude that he’s taking me with him this time. Thank you for this. I love you and your artistic soul.

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