Second chance at first impression
Strangers face, somehow familiar
Spirit comes to sharpen focus
There you are my friend

Nervous giggle, empty words
Quick embrace, a little longer
Hurtful feelings, long forgotten
Acts of kindness, swelling heart

Unison, our steps together
Carefree as when once we played
Precious  time at last recovered
Rewind of a former day

Missing some who did not venture
Missing more, those gone from here
Grateful for this time of blessing
Love extended and received

4 thoughts on “REUNION

  1. Coni Johnston

    As always you find the words that are on my heart. It was more than magical to step back in time with my Chosen Family, my JayBees. To stand among people one feels safe with is such a gift and so rare. Thank you for coming back to be with us. I’m so grateful for these computer connections till the next time we hug! Cheers!

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