What’s Bugging You?

The boll weevil is a nasty, ravenous, prolific bug that arrived in the United States during the late 19th century to feed and breed on the cotton plants of America, leaving fields barren and farmers broke, promising devastation to all who depended on cotton for their livelihood.  One such town, Enterprise, Alabama endured the wrath of this insect and later erected a monument in its honor.

Reflecting on those times in my life where pests” have tried to eat away, steal and destroy me or the people I love, I find myself in no way inclined to build a monument, yet I take heart and instruction from this small Alabama community.

Up against the wall and faced with little to no hope for the future, they were forced to look at things differently and to change their ways. They began to experiment with new crops and found prosperity within two years. Enterprise and the surrounding county of Coffee became the leading peanut producers in the nation.

This somewhat gauche statue in downtown Enterprise stands as a tribute to adversity and a symbol for us and future generations of a powerful truth:

If life gives you weevils, make peanut butter.


One thought on “What’s Bugging You?

  1. Love it! And, I’m now dealing with gnats or fruit flies in the house, and if life gives you gnats, put out a jar of apple cider vinegar with dish soap in it and you’ll trap them all! (it’s kind of fun to go in the morning and see how many I’ve captured) 🙂 Love the story and encouragement! Thank you

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