Occupy Wall Street, have a Tea Party, become a Democrat or a Republican, Vote, Protest, reform Health Care, Tax the very wealthy, introduce Fair Tax, Socialism, Capitalism, Welfare, Jobs, Housing, Bail-outs, Bankruptcy and Debt are the emotion-laden words and phrases that one hears ranted and spun everyday on every social media platform.

The enormous debt that we have incurred seems to be the insurmountable problem.  And it is apparent that we are unlikely to ever pay off the debt that together and/or individually we have accumulated.  Expecting people to pay when they have no means does not seem ethical any more than allowing some people to walk away from responsibilities and insisting that others fulfill theirs. Then there is the question of who falls into which category and what standard of measurement should be used.  Because debt does not magically disappear, Someone has to pay for it.

Is there anyone out there that has a solution to this crisis?


Listen up, it’s only money.

The real crisis is of the human heart and the personal debt incurred from borrowing the good, lovely, pure and holy things in life and trying to pay for them with actions motivated by envy, greed, hate, and lust. Add to that the accumulated interest of the damage inflicted upon others by such actions and the realization of spoiled opportunity and wasted life.

What would be a proper response if someone were to settle this account and pay off all debt?


3 thoughts on “Wealth

  1. It’s tempting to throw up one’s hands and declare that our problems will never be solved, but history is full of examples of nations that overcame huge problems and rebounded. We can recover as a nation, but we have to be willing to put experienced, dedicated people in office and then let them lead. We also have to be willing to pay taxes. I don’t understand the mentality that lets individuals wave the flag and spout about patriotism, then turn around and act as if taxes are evil. Taxes are what allow us to live in a functioning society. They are the price of admission, the tithe to our secular church, and we should pay them cheerfully.

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