A Little Birdie Told Me

Do you want to wake up your grandchildren in the morning, tell them that you are coming for a visit, let them know how proud you are for the million things they do?  Larry Bird may be the answer.  This little birdie lets you talk and sing in his squeaky voice, feed him, clap for him, and knock him off his branch with a bolt of lightning.  Then you can send him via e-mail to an address where your grands live and Mom can play it for them.  My daughter has been known to use it on occasion as a bribe as in:  “if you eat your breakfast, I’ll let you hear NeeNee’s Larry Bird message.”

All you do is go to the app store on your i-phone or i-pad, search for and download Talking Larry the Bird (It’s free).  Push the recorder in the left-hand corner and let yourself go!  The buttons on the right are self-explanatory.  When you are done you can play, save, mail or do over.

The best part of all is when Larry becomes a homing penguin and makes his way back to your e-mail inbox with a message from your grandchildren.  If you run out of creative juice with a talking bird, not to worry; there are talking cats, dogs, and giraffes among a whole slew of animated characters.

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