I lost and found Ella

The musical chamber of my heart was aching for a melody which was drifting  around somewhere in my mind space.  At first, a little persistent tune humming its way through.  Then a few melodic phrases; “silver buttons all down her back, to see the elephant jump the fence, she jumped so high she touched the sky.”  Finally, Miss Mary Mack, all dressed in black came streaming from my mouth while the rest of me folded clothes and did numerous chore things.

The voice I tried to imitate when I warbled belonged to a wonderful children’s folk singer from Chicago whose name, for the life of me, I could not recall.  I was however, able to  instantly remember every word to every song from her album which played over and over on the plastic record player when my children were young.  As grandmothers often do, I obsessed over making sure that my grandchildren know this woman and her uniquely warm, giggly, fun, beautiful, interactive, music.

Google and I found her – Ella Jenkins!  Need I say how thrilled I am?  I even found a few YouTube videos of this grand lady, her Website, Facebook page and a picture of the beloved album cover along with how to order the CD on Amazon.com.  It’s times like these that I really love technology.  Guess what my grandchildren are getting for Christmas?

5 thoughts on “I lost and found Ella

  1. Jessica

    I love this, Gwen! My youngest sister, Kasey, had a horribly annoying tape called “Bath Time Magic” that she adored when she was little. It was exactly like it sounds – an entire tape full of songs about taking a bath. The worst track was called “You Can Never Go Down the Drain”. The song repeated this line over and over again. From about age 2-4, Kasey insisted we play her tape whenever she was in the car. I can remember begging my mom to turn that tape off, but as it was the only thing keeping Kasey from screaming, it played and played while she happily sang along. I still remember all the words to the songs on that tape. I HATED that tape.

    I may come to regret this, but I’m going to try to track down an iTunes or CD copy of “Bath Time Magic”. I’m hoping baby Jack will get as much enjoyment from it as his aunt Kasey once did. If nothing else, I’m sure my sisters and I will get a kick out of hearing those very familiar songs again.

  2. Kelly Kratky

    Oh Gwen, this is so funny! This song came back to me a few weeks ago, and I sang it for Katelynn. She now requests is ALL the time! She loves it, her new favorite. Every time I sing it I think of Dallas, who I learned it from. Such a sweet memory, thanks for sharing.

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