The Well-Intentioned Little Mouse

Once upon a time there was a well-intentioned little mouse who was determined to have the best little Christmas in all of Mouse-land .  She went to 3 different little tree farms to select the perfect tiny tree and hung each little ornament with careful precision.

She choose the best of several little handsome mice family portraits which had been taken way back in November, and ordered more than a small number of prints to send to all her wee little friends.  She stayed up late into the night addressing tiny little envelopes and stuffed each one with a card, photo, newsletter and a small personal note.  And she was a wee bit overwhelmed.

She scampered here and there gathering  just the right little presents for her beloved little mice children and relatives.   She wrapped her little gifts in festive paper with coordinating tags and ribbon. She purchased tickets for her little family to attend the Nutcracker (Her cousin played the part of the evil Mouse King).  She bought adorable little holiday sweaters for all of them to wear to the tiny performance.  And she was a wee bit tired.

She baked an assortment of traditional wee cookies.  She planned for the family’s Christmas feast and shopped for the finest ingredients to prepare the many tiny dishes for the meal which included every mouse’s favorite little dish.  And she was a wee bit stressed out.

Alas the big day came.  She beamed at her little table which was set with festive candles, red poinsettia and napkins wrapped up in little gold rings.  All the little mice began to arrive and headed straight  for the mouse ball game on TV.  She was able to pry them away for the long-awaited feast.  The Christmas dinner conversation was laden with opinions and small talk on veganism, organic foods, cholesterol, calories and gluten-free alternatives.  The meal was picked at and over in a wee flash, except for the small mountain of dishes that were left to be cleared.

Then all the little mice dashed around the glanced-over fir-tree to open their wee packages.

” This sweater is nice but the wrong color,” said the first little mouse.

” Did you save the receipt for this?” asked the second little mouse.

“Oh I  love this,” said the third little mouse. ” I got one of these for myself just last week.”

So the well-intentioned little mouse was suddenly quite unhappy.   A wee bit of resentment began to fester and there was a tiny knot in her little tummy.  She could not understand her family’s lack of gratitude. “Doesn’t anyone realize the price I paid to give them Christmas?”

And then, miraculously, before her sadness could turn to anger, she glimpsed the reflection of her own small face in an ornament on the tree and she became very still.  And in the stillness she knew.

She knew the moral of her own little story:  all work and no PRAY makes for a very, very small Christmas.

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