Play Ball

A man in stripes, the whistle-blower.

My sister, the team’s star player,

Myself, a screaming spectator.

A  play, a dribble, a pass………..

A point guard, their jump-shooter.

Myself, the fierce ball packer.

A foul, a free throw, a net……….

My son, the hang-time slammer,

Myself, the clenched breath holder.

a rim, a dunk, a score…………

My grandson, the new shoe squeaker,

Myself, the misty eyed sigher.

A clock, the game time-keeper.

4 thoughts on “Play Ball

  1. Alden

    Oh, what a darling picture. Is it POSSIBLE that he is playing basketball?! And such an incredible likeness to PJ! Deja Vu! Love, Alden

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