Six are better than One

When you were little, do you remember how long it took for your birthday to arrive? Each day of that final week seemed longer than forever. But now, something akin to the 12 days of Christmas is available to help eliminate some of that childhood angst.

I haven’t posted a grand find in a long time, but today I’d like to feature a clevercrazy, collection of celebratory cards, guaranteed to put a smile on a young child’s face and possibly make you the favorite grandparent, aunt, uncle or friend.


The creator of Can’t Wait Cards ( has come up with a very simple, inexpensive way to send your little loved ones a card each day of that countdown week, equal to the age they are about to become. You can choose to include the package of stickers, tattoos, little books and other goodies which can be tucked right inside. The cards are illustrated with cute little number thing-a-ma-jigs and the envelopes are marked for each day. All you do is sign, address, stamp and mail.

Warning: Don’t forget to “print” your signature or you may get this response.

What happens when you sign in cursive

5 thoughts on “Six are better than One

  1. Reading/Writing cursive- wow my 2nd year thinks that’s BIG stuff. “Mom, did you know so-and-so can write cursive?” That’s cursive mom…cursive this, cursive that!

    I like that it’s FRENCH! 🙂

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