A Love like no other


I arrive before he does.  After a brief glance around the room, I strategically select a spot where he is sure to notice me.  The thought crosses my mind that I may be slightly under-dressed.  I should have worn the skirt and sweater that now lie flung across my un-made bed.  It’s a tricky thing, selecting one’s attire.   Classic is always good, but borders on “old lady.”  Trendy is nice, but difficult to carry off and often communicates “teenager wannabe.”

Good-grief,” I think.  “It’s not like this is a first date, or anything.”  The important thing is for him to find me in this crowded place, feel the unspoken desire I have to be near him, and recognize the almost painful, chest-busting love that I want to give to him.

People are everywhere, chattering.  They blur and buzz.  All my attention, condensed to anticipation in seeing that adored face.  Will I see him before he sees me?  Will he feign shyness or beckon me to come to him.  Will he run into my arms which ache for his embrace?

I recognize his curly, dark hair.  Even from behind, I’d know him anywhere.  He turns slightly, searching.  He is looking for me.   His eyes find mine.  His mouth erupts effortlessly into an enormous smile.  He pushes past everyone to come to me.  I am staggered, once again, at his abundant, effervescent love.  All is well with the world as we sit down together.  The program for Grandparent’s Day at his school begins.

27 thoughts on “A Love like no other

  1. Caddo Veil

    Oh, I SOOO LOVE this!!! What a great fun, warm-hearted blog you have, my dear!!! Thanks so much–God bless you, and have a most blessed Easter.

  2. I’m too young to be a grandmother–but I can relate to the exact feelings you write about whenever I go to my little niece’s school programs! I like to half-joke I have known two great loves in my life: my husband and my niece.

  3. Oh, my. That is THE sweetest thing. Love, love, love it, Gwen! Thank you. Being a long-distance grandma, I’ve never been to Grandparents Day in my grandson’s preschool class, but this is exactly how I imagine it might be. ♥

    1. Gilly: I should have said that the name of the event is Grandparents/special persons day to include those children whose grandparents cannot make it for whatever reason. thank you for your tender reminder. I am grateful that my grandson has all four grandparents in town, a blessing few children get to experience.

  4. This is excellent!!!

    I have no intentions of ever having kids, which by default means I probably won’t be having grandchildren, but I think I’ll live vicariously through your experiences. Very warm. I always enjoy it.

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