The Incredible EGG (carton)

White Eggs in Carton
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It’s morning and the grandkids are hungry. After going over what’s in the cupboard for the umpteenth time, we all decide on scrambled eggs. I take out the frying pan and whipping bowl, go to the refrigerator to retrieve the eggs, and for the I-don’t-know-how-manyith time, marvel not at the incredible, edible egg, but at the incredible, functional perfection of the egg carton.

Much has been written and discussed about the chicken and the egg. Many beginning art students struggle with the challenge of putting the egg on paper, but have you ever wondered why we have never heard anything about the person responsible for inventing the perfect storage cradle for this delectable, delicate orb?

Due to the eggstrordinary, age in which we live, I have the eggsceptional ability of locating answers to every hair brained question or random thought in eggsactly 2 minutes. Being no eggspert, but eggspecting to find eggsactly what I need, I google “egg carton” so that if, like me, you’ve been wondering how the egg carton came into being, I can eggsplain.

A pretty savvy newspaper editor named Joseph Coyle is said to have come up with the humble carton or “egg box” as it was called back in 1911, to solve a dispute between a local farmer and a hotel owner (names eggscape us here). Seems the hotel owner complained about the number of broken eggs that the farmer delivered. Baskets were the means for carting eggs back then. Coyle’s design provided safer transport and fewer egg fatalities, but cartons, as we know them, did not become the common tote until the 1950’s.

Personally, I am quite grateful to old Joseph Coyle. Because of him, I am spared the yucky task of having to clean up great quantities of broken shell, yolk and slimy, sticky, clear goop. I break my fair share of eggs after I take them out of their safe little nests.

I hope that Coyle got a patent for his eggceptional discovery and made lots of eggstra cash. He probably just got a little peace and quiet from his feuding friends and his eggsasperated neighbors.


For those craft junkies out there – 10 Smart Uses For Egg Cartons (

16 thoughts on “The Incredible EGG (carton)

  1. Truett once said, “We didnt invent the chicken, just the chicken sandwich”

    So!!!!! The chicken came first then the egg then the egg carton!

    You are welcome. My pleasure to bring some clarity to such a complicated issue.

  2. Jordan Bullock

    Did you know that the egg is one of the strongest 3 dimensional shapes because it is made up of tetrahedrons and geodesic domes? Try to break one by squeezing it with one of your hands (be sure to remove your rings).

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