Her name Is Humpty Dumpty

Maya with Doll (Maya a la Poupee) Pablo Picasso.

She was a youth, a beauty,

Was placed upon a shelf,

Poised for admiration,

Was pushed and so she fell.


Viewing shattered pieces,

The king, he stood aghast,

Summoned men and horses,

Their task to put her back.


Failing at connection,

In finding what went where,

They wondered at a broken,

That can’t be whole again.


Not yours to mend, dear soldiers,

Though you’re intentioned well,

The pieces are all hers to own,

And place where she sees fit.


A different Humpty Dumpty,

A blend of joy and pain,

Mosaic of her story,

Becoming masterpiece.

16 thoughts on “Her name Is Humpty Dumpty

    1. Thank you so much. Yes,OWN is the important word here and everyone else tries to fix what only she has the power to do, in her time and in her unique way. I am thrilled that you “get” it.

  1. This is very good and very creative version of Humpty Dumpty! I especially like the last two lines. Coincidentally, a couple of days ago I was thinking of Humpty Dumpty representing me, and all the doctors who couldn’t put me back together. Seeking other treatments has added to the “mosiac” of my story.

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