A glimpse at Mirror, Mirror

The Queen:   A  mean, yet endearing stepmother who wages war against the greatest enemy of a woman’s vanity, aging.  She deflects her anger towards the young girl who threatens to up-stage her.  The Queen’s powers are impressive as she has all her male attendants sniveling at her every command, and she can turn them into cock roaches and puppy dogs when she pleases.  No matter how much control she exhibits, she cannot make a young man love her or stop the wrinkles from coming.

The Handsome Prince:  A tooth-gleamingly good-looking guy who for the most part is stripped of all his heroic charm in this fairy tale.  A bit of eye-candy for a princess on the rise, or a Cougar Queen.

The Villagers:  Victims of a poor economy and squeezed to pay more taxes, they bemoan the fact that the Queen continues to have lavish parties while they go hungry.  They helplessly wait to be rescued.

The 7 Little People:  The most interesting characters on the screen.  Sometimes referred to as giants, they overcome the accusations of being ugly and turn from clever bandits into Robin Hoods.

Snow White:  The new stereotype of today’s “hear me roar” young heroine.  A  girl whom is clever, brave, compassionate, strong and discerning.  She is fiercely  independent and clearly doesn’t need a man, but marries one anyway.   Sadly, she has not a single girlfriend, still has to be physically gorgeous and wear a size 2.  Her dominance relies on these attributes along with necessary accessories, because in this tale it is all about………

The Wardrobe

10 thoughts on “A glimpse at Mirror, Mirror

  1. I saw this yesterday. LoLs! The Queen’s wardrobe was pretty amazing & The Prince definitely met my ‘eye candy’ criteria! Liked the breakout joyful dancing at the end – lots of fun..

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