Soldiers and Grandsons on Memorial Day 2011

Re-blogging my very first post on WordPress.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

My grandson carefully places little green soldiers on the edge of his dresser, along the window sill and across the table.  On the floor confederate artillery march, along with star wars storm troopers and various superheroes.  Each figure has a specific assignment to be carried out by the divine plan of a seven-year old resulting in the ultimate victory for the “good guys.”  And of course, this begs the question which I ask,”which ones are the bad guys?”  He is dumbfounded that it is not completely obvious to me and I am cognizant of a life time of confusion.

Is freedom really free?  Is the enemy really me?  Does there have to be war to ensure peace?  The good guy is on the white horse, right?  Is it the cowboys or the indians, the Braves or the Mets, the soldiers or the draft dodgers?

Will my daughter’s son ask me about freedom one day?  I could tell him about the heroic acts of his grandfather and great-grandfather in two great and terrible wars.  I could tell him of men who used their voices not to go to war and how both soldiers and civilians share the same freedoms but don’t bear the same responsibilities.  I could explain how we all can experience freedom that we did not earn or pay for or how we sometimes live in bondage of our own making.  Instead, I think I’ll ask him what he thinks about freedom and play him Richie Havens.

10 thoughts on “Soldiers and Grandsons on Memorial Day 2011

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  2. Thanks for sharing the article, especially since i am a veteran, my wife and oldest daughter are veterans and we come from families on both sides with many that served in many wars and conflicts. Service is something that one is moved to do in their heart, whether its peace time service in our communites or when son’s and daughters, fathers and mothers serve for our security. When one serves either genre, they actually serve and protect themselves also. Many Kings in the bible lead their countries in to conflicts and wars so service will always be there! But let us honor all who serve a peacetime community service to build up where we live to make life better and our servicemen who serve to keep us safe from those who seek to harm us! Remember even in the bible there was always another King and country trying to destroy and take over Israel and Jerusalem! Blessings, peace, and love…have a wonderful holiday weekend! Richie Havens wrote and sang song, that were for protest, radical change and beautiful ballads, one of my most favorites is “here comes the sun”, he would strum on his quitar without most times any other background instruments and sing so very well. Many also consider him a folk singer!

    1. Thank you so much Wendell for your comment and for the sacrifice of you and your family for our country. My husband was a para-rescue man in Viet Nam (as you know, not a very popular war). What a great time to reflect, remember, worship, and to be grateful.

    1. Oh I knew I had failed as a mom in a few critical areas, but not in the music arena. Click on the youtube link. I’m trying to figure out how to link my itunes version to this post

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