A Beauty and a Beast

Rest in peace dear Tag.
11-16-07 to 9-25-12

His name is Tag, short for Tag-a-long and we met when he was a mere puppy. Even then, his paws were as big as basketballs and his drool could swamp a small boat. His allure is magnetic and for many he is the most popular attraction on the island. My grandchildren could not wait to see him again.

He seems to have a built-in barometer for age appropriate play. He was gentle with my 6-year-old granddaughter, a little more “playful” with my 8-year-old grandson. He almost knocked my husband over when he jumped up on him because my husband was a little too slow in releasing the frisbee.

He’s a beauty and a beast, a self-appointed life guard, a gentle giant of a dog.

Tag wants to play

“I love you, Tag”


8 thoughts on “A Beauty and a Beast

  1. Lisa Roberts

    What a great write-up and story about Tag! I agree – he is one of a kind and I know he has a very, very special place in my heart! So glad that he was able to enjoy that time at the beach with your grandkids.

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