End of Vacation

Final piece puzzled,

Last chapter turned,

Kodak moments captured,

Shoulders slightly burned.

Treasure found and gathered,

Towels neatly stacked,

Refrigerator emptied,

Suitcases packed.

Snorkel, fins in closet,

Chairs back in place,

Sweet sorrow’s parting,

Etched on her face.


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16 thoughts on “End of Vacation

  1. You describe it absolutely perfectly. Bittersweet farewell to summer.
    Thank you for linking to the GRAND Social. Your link took me to an error message about logging in so I just searched your site for the post you intended to share. 😀 (Just mentioning in case you wonder why others haven’t visited.)

  2. Sherry Holmes

    Beautiful. You are such a great writer. Soo creative. I love this one and the backdrop has so many sweet memories for me. Guana Cay is heaven on earth in many ways.

  3. Yes, sweet memories to reminisce and cherish. We got a call this week from our daughter with our crying grand in the background crying be causes she was missing her Meme and Baba – us! Sweet knowing we’re doing the right thing when we share time with her. And so are you!

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