Mary, Mary quite contrary, how do your buckets flow?

Perhaps because the years have filled me with so many conflicting experiences, people and situations, a simple cup can not possibly hold the measure of my personality. Contrary to the familiar analogy of an optimist vs a pessimist, I have no cup at all, half full or half empty. I spend time, consciously and unconsciously, emptying and filling two large buckets.

Two buckets, one containing all the beautiful, lovely, admirable, creative, joyful, life-giving moments one can possibly imagine. The other, heavy with un-resolved issues, disappointment, pain, guilt, betrayal, fear.

When either bucket is full to capacity, a tiny drop of emotional input triggers an inexplicable reaction, a blending and bubbling up, a spilling out of the bucket’s mysterious content.

Imagine what a steady drip or sudden downpour releases.


Speaking of Buckets – just for fun – click and listen

Bucket Full of Rain……..DejaBlueGrass Band


14 thoughts on “Mary, Mary quite contrary, how do your buckets flow?

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  2. Grandma Kc

    Interesting concept and post. This will make me think all day…. Sometimes those buckets just get out of balance and it isn’t pretty.

  3. Wish we could send rain to Colorado! Sadly, painting is not mine. Bluegrass is from a great band here in Atlanta (all working Dads’). Won Telluride bluegrass festival honors……you’d love them. Love and hugs around.

  4. What fun bluegrass music – methinks especially today (temps to reach 102 here!) we ALL need a bucket full of rain! Lovely painting Gwen – is it one of yours? : )

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