Our 4th

Repost of last years celebration. Happy 4th

We were anxious to take our grandchildren to the 4th of July picnic, parade and fireworks event. I began to prepare myself for an anticipated “teachable moment,” when I could gift them with my wisdom and understanding of freedom, independence, and the America dream.

I brushed up on dates and events, re-learning that the 4th of July celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, proclaiming liberty from the tyranny of Great Britain and giving birth to democracy.

I’m not quite sure how this translates into hot-dogs and tri-colored popsicles, children dressed in red stripes, dogs with stars on their colars, men wearing tall ‘Uncle Sam’ hats, whistles, glow sticks and fireworks, but I’m glad it does.

We went, joined in all the festivities, ate too much, laughed a lot, and collapsed on a blanket under a darkening sky. No one asked me why we celebrate the forth, and I could not weave the words from the declaration document into any sort of narrative.

Then the sky began to explode with sparkle. All around me, the sound of cannon booms and oowws and aahhs. I catch a glimpse of my husband and grandchildren staring into the sky.


liberty ……….and the persuit of



15 thoughts on “Our 4th

  1. What a wonderful grandmother. I hope when I have grandchildren, I will take the time to check the facts and share with them when it comes to the important stuff.

  2. Dallas Nevins

    Did you paint that fireworks picture? I LOVE IT and I love you and my kids are the luckiest grandkids in the whole world!

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