It takes Fourteen

He was a little uneasy tonight.  Not scared really, because he is a big boy.  But his new bedroom IS on the other side of the house.  His mother prayed with him and then called me on the phone.  “What’s this about fourteen angels?”  she wanted to know.  I knew immediately that she was talking about the song I learned as a girl in church choir.  I sang it to my grandson a few times when he came to spend the night and it pleased me that he remembered.  It surprised me that my daughter did not.

“Evening Prayer, from the opera Hansel and Gretel.  Don’t you remember?” I chirped.  Then I got to thinking. Maybe I didn’t sing it to her when she was little.  The notes go pretty high and my girl was not one to grin and bear her mother’s vocal assaults on her little ears.  My grandson is more tolerant or else tone-deaf and I’m a bit braver in my old age caring less about a  missed note or two (or three).

I quickly rattled off the jobs of the various pairs of angels so that she could read them to her son.  Hopefully she appreciated the fact that I didn’t sing and he drifted safely off to sleep with the heavenly host watching over them both.

Evening Prayer from Hansel and Gretel – (click to listen)

When at night I go to sleep Fourteen angels watch do keep

Two my head are guarding

Two my feet are guiding

Two are on my right hand

Two are on my left hand

Two who warmly cover

Two who o’er me hover

Two to whom ’tis given To guide my steps to heaven

11 thoughts on “It takes Fourteen

  1. I love to sing but it isn’t my “gift!” When my son was two and I was singing him to sleep, he gently put his hand up to my mouth and said – “Don’t sing momma, just rock.” My granddaughter is much more tolerant and begs me to keep singing to her at night! I will be adding this to my lullaby list! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Caddo Veil

    I can’t thank you enough for this offering, “14 Angels”–I’m a pretty big girl (ha ha), but I sure will use this!! God bless you today–love, Caddo

  3. I can see how that would make a good lullaby. I hadn’t heard it either. Now I just may need to learn it. (Tho I will mangle it, for sure, sounding nothing like those young gals in the video.)

    Thank you for linking to the GRAND Social! Great post to share!

  4. I tried to find a children’s choir version, but couldn’t. It’s great with little voices singing in a round………..funny how the songs from years ago stick in your head.

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