My Oh So “Stylish Imitation” Coat

I like to wear my fur skin coat,

Watch the young men gawk and gloat.

Grace and beauty for them to see,

Stylish, glamorous, yes that’s me!

Even though I wear it well,

The boys just find it hard to tell.

Rabbit, Raccoon, lamb or Sable,

Touch me, tell me, if you’re able.

Chinchilla, ermine, fox or mink?

Why’s it Cougar that you think?


(my oh so lame attempt to imitate the style of the great Shel Silverstein)

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23 thoughts on “My Oh So “Stylish Imitation” Coat

  1. I got a large charge out of this – we used to read Shel to the kids when they were young. My late husband could make ol’ Shel sound very erudite and deeply profound, which on a certain level, he was! Thanks for sharing this.

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