One Little Boy

We sat together, a group of friends, sisters, really.  We had been meeting for some time now, trying to honor our commitment to grow in our faith.  We were studying bible stories, sharing our hopes, failures, dreams and concerns when the message came.

Shon clicked on her lap top to check her e-mail, something she had done hundreds of times over the past several months.  She was looking for the answer to her heart’s deep, deep prayer.  We all stood in awe as she opened the attachment from an Orphanage in the Congo.  And there he was.  Her son.   From the very first image, his beautiful eyes sent the unmistakable message that he was longing for her as much as she for him.

Waiting to be united, Shon was sometimes disappointed, frustrated and discouraged yet she was pregnant with hope, excitement, and peace.    Encouraged by photos, notes and updates from parents who had gone before her in the adoption process, she plowed through the paper work, prayed and persevered.    There were two trips to Africa.  The first, a brief visit to finally meet her son and the second, a few weeks later,  when her husband traveled to bring him home.  Shon patiently endured the long final days of waiting.  Moise officially became part of Shon’s family on April 22, 2011.   Those of us who know this family realize that he was always theirs.

Moise is an incredibly engaging, happy, little boy who lives with his mother, father and brother in Georgia.  We thank God for this one captivating child.  Other beautiful children are currently living in the Kaziba Orphanage in DRC where they receive love and shelter from disease, hunger, violence and despair even though there is never enough food, medicine or supplies.  Perhaps you feel compelled to help.

Mother Teresa said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”  Click on the link below and give. (mention Moise in the comments)  A tax-deductible letter will be e-mailed to you right away.

Be blessed.

4 thoughts on “One Little Boy

  1. Dallas Nevins

    It’s an amazing organization and if you click “general fund” under your gift, they put it in the place that needs it the most. Also, if anyone decides to donate, make sure you put “In honor of Gwen’s Birthday” so we can total up and see how many gifts she gets…

  2. Dallas Nevins

    Oh, and because she didn’t say it, I will. This beautiful blogger turns 60 in a week and her birthday wish is to get 60 donations in honor of our sweet friend.

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