And then some

You are suddenly alert, eyes wide open, mind clear, and you glance over at the clock.  You know before focusing that it is 3 o’clock.  It is always 3 o’clock when you find yourself in this state.  You think about getting up and walking around because you like the way the house feels in the middle of the night, but you remember that you have a million things to do in the morning and sleep is desirable for a productive day.

And then little nagging thoughts begin to intrude, slowly at first, then piling on.  “What can you do to help Judy who has been sick for over a week?   Don’t forget to call your mother, it’s been a couple of days now.  What are you going to wear to dinner with the new clients?  Did you pick up the cleaning?  Do you have shoes to go with the green dress?  Will it be cold?  Who should you call to help with the meeting?  Did you pay the dentist?  Will your grandson make a basket in the game.  How can you help build his self-esteem?  Why did his friend pick on him?  Will your daughter be safe in her new house?  Should you butt into an argument between your friends?  Is your son home yet?  Is he really doing as well as he seems?

But you really, really want to sleep and so you do what has worked time and time again.  You begin to pray and you consider the possibility that the reason you are up at this ridiculous hour is that perhaps you should pray.  And you talk and you listen and you offer up all things that are beyond your control.  Because of your vast experience, you are certain that you are not worrying.  Worry produces nothing and things that seem impossible in the middle of the night will seem doable in the morning.  You know that hundreds of times, God has provided.  Yes, God provides.  God provides, you think and you begin to settle into that truth.  The promise that has been true before, will be true again tomorrow.  God provides.

And then it comes.  Revelation.  The whisper in the night, the still small voice, the exclamation to a message you know so well.  “And then some!”  God provides… and then some.  You know that this addendum, “and then some,”  did not come from your own imagination, but from another source, and you receive the knowing of it.  You understand it, claim it,  and own it.  You express remorse in not acknowledging this profound truth before and you give thanks for a message of love and comfort in the dark.  And rest begins to slowly return.  Lovely rest is given unto you.  Sleep, rest, lovely rest……and then some.


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14 thoughts on “And then some

  1. Your posts are always wonderful with great messages! I wanted to let you know in case you did not see it, i think i might not have let you know but i nominated you for the 2012 Blog Of The Year Award, and it was posted on my blog on 12/07/2012,. Congratulations you are so deserving…much love to you always and keep sharing my dear sister you are the best!

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