What She wants for Christmas

Little girl on Santa's Knee

My daughter found this list to Santa in her little girl’s journal

Please bring:

An American Girl Ski Doll

Money for Children in Africa,

A diamond necklace for mommy

A running watch for Daddy

A heart locket collar for Charlie with a picture of me and Cole in it.



My granddaughter is the most amazing, caring, loving little thing in the whole wide world! I mean – money for children in Africa?  (or she may be adding to her “nice” column)

My grandchildren’s dog Charlie now lives with a friend.  (sad but true, due to a recent move into a place that doesn’t allow pets)

My daughter should be ashamed of herself for reading her daughter’s diary and when confronted astutely replied,  ” Wow, I’m getting a diamond necklace for Christmas!”


credit:  Dallas Nevins

5 thoughts on “What She wants for Christmas

  1. What a fabulous kid! So unselfish. Do you know about Heifer International? You can buy livestock or seedlings for a needy family in a developing country. What kid wouldn’t love to give a flock of geese or a clutch of chicks?

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