Word Press Bloggers-Beware, No More Free Lunch

I like playing around with different looks for my blog, selecting an enticing theme and hitting the apply button.  When viewing a possible makeover, I ponder where I want the side bar, how many columns I need, and which colors will make my blog pop.  Today, I was exploring Word Press themes, as encouraged by the change appearance button, and to my surprise and dismay, found that when I hit apply, I could not retrieve my original blog page.  I could get the content, but none of my sidebar widgets, and I had lost the ability to customize anything unless (and here it is)  I chose to buy the ability to customize.  So, boys and girls, the good old days of free custom blogging sites with WordPress are gone, even when using free blog themes.  Before you go exploring, get your credit card out.  It’s going to cost you at least $30.00.  I suppose the free ride was too good for too long and I, for one, didn’t fully appreciate what I was getting for nothing.  That being said, I am all about making profit on great ideas and products, but please, guys, no more surprises!

21 thoughts on “Word Press Bloggers-Beware, No More Free Lunch

  1. Thanx so much for this timely ‘heads up’ Gwen – was just considering changing themes around, but methinks ’tis better to Appreciate What Is! grace, peace & timely tips – Virginia : )

  2. Caddo Veil

    I’m wondering if you contacted them (WP) to check this out–it just doesn’t sound like them to spring a trap; not that you asked for it, but I’d advise sending them an email…

      1. Caddo Veil

        You just go to Support–there’s a contact box there. Sometimes there’s a couple days wait for the response–but they will get back to you. I’ll be eager to learn what you hear from them!

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