Dressing Room Drama

My mission was to take her shopping and to buy her a sweet little church dress.  Visions of Lilly Pulitzer danced in my head and she tried desperately to co-operate  with my expectations.  I noticed her resolve quickly breaking down as dress after dress brought her nothing but despair.  We left in search of a much-needed ice cream cone.

Relieved to be the grandmother and not the mother, I resolved to salvage the experience. I hated to disappoint my daughter, but I knew that my granddaughter and I could find joy in something we both have less than average interest in doing, shopping for clothes.  I found out that all she really wanted was fun, funky play-clothes from a store called Justice.  We headed to the mall.

She picked out arm-loads of cut off shorts with studded pockets, glittery shirts, colorful tanks, pink baseball caps, and bangles.  The dressing room over-flowethed.  The one dress she did choose had an army camouflage print  (we put that back).  She was so happy with her purchases that she begged to wear one outfit out of the store.  I let her, of course.

Now I know that she still does not have a cute little church dress.  Her mom will have to use her wits do make that happen.  I want her to have the nice things that define a well-groomed little girl and I want her to keep her awesome self-image.  She lives in a world in which the style of one’s clothes can define who people think she is. It’s a tension that in time she will ultimately work at and resolve.  For now, she’s dazzlingly happy!


My husband remarked that my granddaughter reminded him of somebody else he knows and I remembered a poem that I wrote 8 years ago.  The dressing room drama continues.

Burberry Scarf

I’d rather have a tattoo,

Then wear a Burberry scarf.

I’d rather drink a beer with my housekeeper,

Than sip wine with a fancy senator.

Once I thought I was special,

Really thought I’d make a difference.

Still my yearbook post beckons,

“When I finally get myself together

I’m gonna get down to that sunny, southern weather”

In the end, do we all 

Go back to where we started?


In the mean time,

I will dine with senators

But, I won’t wear a Burberry scarf


This post is part of the Word Press Daily Prompt –http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/daily-prompt-dickinson/

11 thoughts on “Dressing Room Drama

  1. Love it! I recently took a granddaughter shopping. We went to Old Navy and bought armloads of fun clothes for a reasonable price. No Lilly Pulitzer or Burberry for us, either.

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  4. its important that as young as she is, she is allowed to be herself and not necessarily conform to what others are doing. I enjoyed this post very inspirational and interesting.

  5. I don’t think our granddaughter has discovered Justice, the store ;), yet and I hope it’s a ways off still. She loves twirly dresses for now. The tension you spoke of is there and seems to be at younger and younger ages. (sigh)

  6. Love this post — been there, done that! I have found it is much easier for Avery and I when her Mom doesn’t come along. Then, I sneak a call to her Mom before she gets home with the loot to remind her how important it is that she not wrinkle her nose up at anything. Self image at that age is all that counts! (well, that and making sure the shorts are fingertip length).

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