Grandmother is a Gamer

Subway Surfers

Voicing my need for grandchild bonding, I asked my grandson to show me how to play the game that was occupying his attention on the iPad.  He lit up with enthusiasm as he showed me how to get out-of-the-way of oncoming trains in Subway Surfer.  It wasn’t long before I became proficient at  jumping, weaving and dodging trains before being hit; collecting points, coins, magnets, jet packs and mystery boxes along the way.

We took turns, comparing scores, my grandson the clear winner.  When I remarked at what an excellent player he was, he graciously admitted that his sister was even better.  His profound observation was this:  “She’s a coin collector and I’m trying not to get killed!”  A reflective statement from the mouth of a child, an instant glimpse at my grandchildren’s personalities and a statement for me to ponder.  It is something that I think about every time I play this silly game and I wonder just what type of gamer this grandmother is.

13 thoughts on “Grandmother is a Gamer

  1. I don’t play video games — just word games like Ruzzle and WWF. Maybe I should take them up, though. It sounds as if playing this game might improve my reflexes!

  2. Tonya Russo

    Love it, Gwen! It is so nice that you can connect on that level. I definitely agree, there is something profound in what your grandson said. One of Matt’s favorite lines is “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?” It’s amazing how fear can hold us back…we can still be good (just like your grandson), but when you live without fear..Man, the things you can do! (as long as it’s not real subways :)!) Something I am trying to embrace as I am getting older.

  3. Gwen, it is wonderful that you love your grandchildren enough to do “whatever it takes.” A few Christmases ago, I found my mother and my son on the back deck, shooting his Airsoft gun together. It made my heart so happy!

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