The Lincoln Log Heart

Rosie is a charming little 4 year old girl with white blonde hair and large inquisitive eyes. Her teacher told her mommy that in spite of her love for all things attributed to princesses, Rosie could be found most every day playing on the rug with Lincoln logs along with some of the boys in the classroom.

Rosie’s mom was a little surprised to hear this because she didn’t realize that Rosie was interested in building things but immediately knew what to give her daughter for Christmas. She purchased a large tub of Lincoln logs, wrapped them up and placed them under the tree.

Christmas morning came and Rosie’s siblings opened their gifts, one at a time. Rosie was excited to see what was in the large box with her name on it. She opened the gift and was openly disappointed, though she tried to hide it. It looked like she was fighting back tears. “I think this is for someone else,” she said.

Her mom was taken aback. “What do you mean, sweetheart? Your teacher told me that everyday you play with Lincoln Logs at school. I thought you would love to have some of your own to play with at home.”

“Oh mother” she cried. “I don’t like to play with Lincoln Logs. I just like to play with cousin Jonathan and that’s all he wants to play with.”

Rosie’s mom decided to re-wrap the gift for Rosie to give to her cousin. She promised to go shopping with Rosie to pick out something special for her.

Now, whether or not Jonathan realizes how much he is loved by Rosie, one may never know, but the rest of us can marvel at Rosie and seek to acquire a Lincoln Log Heart.

A beauty and a beast

Sad news today. The gentle giant passed away


Rest in peace dear Tag.
11-16-07 to 9-25-12

His name is Tag, short for Tag-a-long and we met when he was a mere puppy. Even then, his paws were as big as basketballs and his drool could swamp a small boat. His allure is magnetic and for many he is the most popular attraction on the island. My grandchildren could not wait to see him again.

He seems to have a built-in barometer for age appropriate play. He was gentle with my 6-year-old granddaughter, a little more “playful” with my 8-year-old grandson. He almost knocked my husband over when he jumped up on him because my husband was a little too slow in releasing the frisbee.

He’s a beauty and a beast, a self-appointed life guard, a gentle giant of a dog.


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