The Bike Ride

Every ride is a first

Every ride may be your last

If you don’t know where you’re going you can still get lost

If you want to get somewhere follow someone who’s gotten there before

Or use a map

Un-travelled roads are intriguing

A familiar road is like an old friend

Sometimes it’s good to ride alone

Sometimes it’s good to ride with another

If you get too far behind try a little harder

If you go too fast, slow down

Don’t let the hill up ahead psyche you out

You have to go uphill if you want to go downhill

Try to push through the pain

Push as long as you can and then change gears

The difficult climb doesn’t last forever

The easy slope doesn’t last forever

You can always go a little further than you think

Enjoy the scenery

Smell the honey-suckle and the dead opossum

When you stop thinking about the ride then you’re riding

The ride is the destination

Once in a glorious while you catch the wind and take off