Chestnuts Roasting on a TV screen

I haven’t posted a grand find on the play-grand in a while but had to let you in on this one.

You may discover perplexity when faced with the decision as to where to hang the stockings this year.  You may feel anxiety about how Santa is going to visit without a chimney to descend.  You may feel saddened due to the missing  yellow, red and white lava fingers that used to wave to you or experience visual deprivation from the lack of smoldering logs becoming embers before your very eyes.  And you may miss the hiss and crackle of a poppingly good fire.

The good news is that now crackling fireplace can be downloaded to your computer, accessed via net-flicks for your TV, or purchased as a dvd.  The result is a matrix-like experience.  Bring on the marshmallows.