Emptying the nest – Simple Math

Life-math 101:

Emptying the nest is simple mathematics.  If the whole equals the sum of its parts and you take away one of the parts, the whole is altered.  I believe the term is less than (symbolized <).  I was never very good at math so my question to you is this:  Is the whole even whole with less than all its parts? 

My daughter left for college one day

And then my son

And then my other son.

5 – 3 < 5

My heart feels like a zero with the middle rubbed out.

I know people who love math because it is constant and predictable. 

go figure 

Life-Math 201:

Time and math are inter-related and co-dependent.  My daughter married and gave me a new son.  Along came a grandson and then a grand-daughter.  Add another daughter and that equals a heart spilling over.

You do the math