Sea Treasure


She looked forward to the fulfillment of a promise.

A treasure, ushered in by the morning’s tide, chosen especially for her.

Out of the endless trove of delicacies that sequined the beach,

She wondered which one would be her own?

She pressed her feet into the sand as the morning lazily passed.

She felt his presence beside her, he’d been there all along.

“What would you have for me today.” she prayed.

He gently put his gift into her hand.

“But this shell is broken,” she said with concern.

“As are we all.” was his reply.

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The Sisters of My Soul struggle with themselves, their families, friends and circumstances.  They experience temptation, joy, bitterness, pain, shame, freedom, love, hatred, bondage, tenderness, need and every kind of emotion.  Some of these women are already familiar to me. Some, I am meeting for the first time and some women are nameless.  Each one whispers a message, teaches a lesson or shouts a warning.  I find myself strangely connected to these wonderful women whose lives and actions have been carefully recorded and preserved.  Read their story for yourself in the book, chapter, verse found in the tag.   Wisdom and perspective guaranteed.

Sisters of my Soul

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