In songs, September has always been linked to remember, not just because it rhymes, but because there is something about the promise of fall and the beginning of a new school term that prompts memory and romanticism. Contrary to the proverbial bucket-list of things one might want to do, see or accomplish before they die, I purpose a cup list (as in my cup runneth over) of precious moments one has been given.

My Personal, ever-expanding Cup List –(In no particular order)

I’m so much richer because I……

Watched the sun come out of the ocean on an island in the Abacos, and watched it sink back under the waves.

Mastered a bike, drove a car, pushed a stroller.

Kissed a boy, caught a Marlin, won a raffle.

Wore saddle Oxford’s, converse tennis shoes, high heels and flip-flops.

Survived parents, siblings, high school and heartache.

Rode a ferris wheel at night in Paris, and at the State Fair in Virginia.

Watched a bird build a nest, feed her young. Planted a garden, pulled weeds.

Lost my way, my tonsils, my appendix and a ring I got for Christmas.

Found a gold watch, a four-leaf clover and some good friends.

Was captured by the love of Jesus

Skipped out of a formal function to go to a movie, ran away from home (for less than a day)

Danced barefoot, saw a falling star, had a poem written for me.

Swung a tennis racket, made a foul shot, ran a 5k, sang in a choir.

Zipped-lined in the rain forest, jumped out of plane in Ga, gambled in Vegas.

Beheld the Pietà, David, the Mona Lisa, the Sistine Chapel.

Heard my grandchild call my name, listened to his earnest prayers.

Walked where Mother Teresa walked, viewed Gandhi’s tomb, saw a double rainbow.

Sang at the top of my lungs in the car with my kids.

Witnessed love and hope in the House of the Dying.

Bartered at a market in Kathmandu, published an app.

Wore a white gown, walked with my Dad down the aisle, said, “I do”.

Conquered gravy and pie-crust (not biscuits).

Sang along (quietly in my seat) with James Taylor, BB King, Loretta Lynn, Elvis Presley, Bruce Hornsby, Anita Baker, Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli, Allison Krauss, Deja Bluegrass Band and Keb Mo.

Sipped wine in a vineyard in Napa Valley, drank tea in South Africa.

Rode a convertible up the Pacific Coast Highway and down route 5.

Watched 42nd Street on broadway, Les Miserable in London, and 101 Dalmatians in Atlanta (staring my grand kids).

Looked into the eyes of a lion, held a baby Cheetah in my arms.

Dined in a garden with a Cardinal in Rome and in the home of a “sweet little brown-eyed preacher” whom I love.

Celebrated 17 of May in Norway and my mom’s 88th birthday.

Attended the US Open, The World Series, The Olympics, NASCAR, and my grand daughter’s soccer match.

Wept at the sound of a violin (more than once).

Remember my grandfather’s love and my grandmother’s cooking.

Nursed three children, watched them grow, shared their pain, celebrated their triumphs.

Got just what I wanted for Christmas.

Fell down and got up (many times).

Really, really, loved a man.


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What’s on your cup list?  I’d love to know.  Why not Leave a reply?


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59 year old Grandmother gives birth


Me in my 72nd month

I must have been crazy to attempt this at my age. Some people were very pessimistic. Then again, the people who love me most, encouraged me to go for it. There were many times that I thought I would lose her, when I had to mentally say good-bye, but somehow she managed to survive. Last night  my much-anticipated miracle baby entered the world with all the hoopla I could muster.

The gestation period began six years ago with A Boy, A ball and a Book. In the early stages of development, I timidly shared my news with a few friends. Their reaction gave me courage and though, to most people I was barely “showing”, I was glowing! And then I started blabbing about it to anyone and everyone who would listen. I am pretty sure that I bored some of you to death, you know who you are, and that you began to think that this blessed event would never happen. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Despite the odds, my book began to grow, a book created to honor the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, specifically, Janelle aka. “Grandmama.”

Preparing for this baby, I purchased a LLC agreement, a copy right, a business license, a checking account, a credit card, a web domain, an e-book developer, a pay-pal account, a Facebook page and a blog. I studied and read articles about publishing, dabbled in internet social marketing, asked advice of others, took advice from some, and weeded through scads of on-line help sites. I learned the difference between Android and I-things, tablets, pads, nooks and kindles. Apple, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Google, Go-Daddy, and WordPress, are now old friends, sometimes irritating, sometimes helpful.

Like my baby, I too have grown, especially in my struggle with control and collaboration, initiative, patience and faith. Here are a few things I have learned in the long period between conception and delivery.

Lessons About the Birthing Process

  1. You are overjoyed at the initial prospect
  2. You think and dream about her all the time/wonder what to name her
  3. You are afraid that you are inadequate for the task/self-doubt escalates as time goes on
  4. You hope that your baby will be early, or at least on time, beautiful and healthy
  5. False labor occurs over and over/you have to relax, focus, regroup and wait
  6. Real Labor eventually happens/much more is required of you than you ever imagined
  7. There is a lot of excitement and pain/labor lasts a long, long, time
  8. When you feel like you cannot push again, you push again
  9. During transition, you may feel like cussing out everyone in the room.
  10. When she arrives, you quickly forget all about the struggle to get her here
  11. There is joy
  12. You wonder about doing it all over again

To view the “baby” Click Here


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A Boy, a Ball and a Book



It all began on the front porch of a Seaside cottage in Florida. A curly-headedbaby toddled his way back and forth, rolling a ball first to his Grandmama and then to his Nee Nee. His giggly little roll and shuffle dance reflected the love that bounced off of the two adoring women and landed permanently in my heart’s toy-chest.

Then he wandered over to his Grandmama and asked for his blankie and a nap. I was somewhat surprised because I could not recall him ever wanting to nap at my house. When I saw her gently plop him down on her soft, fluffy, pillow-loaded bed and watched the unfolding of their ritual of reading stacks of books, singing songs, placing his blankie just so, and tucking in a monkey and a truck, it all made perfect sense. Surprisingly, I felt no tinge of jealousy, just profound gratitude that Cole had been blessed to have two grandmother’s whom would pour un-conditional love and affirmation into his life.

That one day created in me an inexplicable desire to capture the “play” between children and their grandparents. Simple activities miraculously pass through the creases of reality and transform into a wonder-filled, magical world.

If you are a grandmother,* have a grandmother, know a grandmother, or remember a grandmother, then you know what I mean.

* (or grandfather)

5 years later, it’s almost here!…….Grandmama’s World – the app

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