Soldiers and Grandsons on Memorial Day 2011

Re-blogging my very first post on WordPress.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

My grandson carefully places little green soldiers on the edge of his dresser, along the window sill and across the table.  On the floor confederate artillery march, along with star wars storm troopers and various superheroes.  Each figure has a specific assignment to be carried out by the divine plan of a seven-year old resulting in the ultimate victory for the “good guys.”  And of course, this begs the question which I ask,”which ones are the bad guys?”  He is dumbfounded that it is not completely obvious to me and I am cognizant of a life time of confusion.

Is freedom really free?  Is the enemy really me?  Does there have to be war to ensure peace?  The good guy is on the white horse, right?  Is it the cowboys or the indians, the Braves or the Mets, the soldiers or the draft dodgers?

Will my daughter’s son ask me about freedom one day?  I could tell him about the heroic acts of his grandfather and great-grandfather in two great and terrible wars.  I could tell him of men who used their voices not to go to war and how both soldiers and civilians share the same freedoms but don’t bear the same responsibilities.  I could explain how we all can experience freedom that we did not earn or pay for or how we sometimes live in bondage of our own making.  Instead, I think I’ll ask him what he thinks about freedom and play him Richie Havens.

59 year old Grandmother gives birth


Me in my 72nd month

I must have been crazy to attempt this at my age. Some people were very pessimistic. Then again, the people who love me most, encouraged me to go for it. There were many times that I thought I would lose her, when I had to mentally say good-bye, but somehow she managed to survive. Last night  my much-anticipated miracle baby entered the world with all the hoopla I could muster.

The gestation period began six years ago with A Boy, A ball and a Book. In the early stages of development, I timidly shared my news with a few friends. Their reaction gave me courage and though, to most people I was barely “showing”, I was glowing! And then I started blabbing about it to anyone and everyone who would listen. I am pretty sure that I bored some of you to death, you know who you are, and that you began to think that this blessed event would never happen. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Despite the odds, my book began to grow, a book created to honor the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, specifically, Janelle aka. “Grandmama.”

Preparing for this baby, I purchased a LLC agreement, a copy right, a business license, a checking account, a credit card, a web domain, an e-book developer, a pay-pal account, a Facebook page and a blog. I studied and read articles about publishing, dabbled in internet social marketing, asked advice of others, took advice from some, and weeded through scads of on-line help sites. I learned the difference between Android and I-things, tablets, pads, nooks and kindles. Apple, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Google, Go-Daddy, and WordPress, are now old friends, sometimes irritating, sometimes helpful.

Like my baby, I too have grown, especially in my struggle with control and collaboration, initiative, patience and faith. Here are a few things I have learned in the long period between conception and delivery.

Lessons About the Birthing Process

  1. You are overjoyed at the initial prospect
  2. You think and dream about her all the time/wonder what to name her
  3. You are afraid that you are inadequate for the task/self-doubt escalates as time goes on
  4. You hope that your baby will be early, or at least on time, beautiful and healthy
  5. False labor occurs over and over/you have to relax, focus, regroup and wait
  6. Real Labor eventually happens/much more is required of you than you ever imagined
  7. There is a lot of excitement and pain/labor lasts a long, long, time
  8. When you feel like you cannot push again, you push again
  9. During transition, you may feel like cussing out everyone in the room.
  10. When she arrives, you quickly forget all about the struggle to get her here
  11. There is joy
  12. You wonder about doing it all over again

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