“Do you like my Instagram?”

photo-26I do, I like it, Sam I am.

And……you like my instagram photo because:

1.  You always hit the like button on everyone you follow.

2.  If you like mine,  perhaps, I’ll like yours back.

3.  It’s really the most fantastic picture you’ve ever seen.

3.  You really hate it but I’ve “liked” yours so many times you feel obligated.

4.  You think the picture is simply awful but don’t want to hurt my feelings.

5.  You don’t remember liking it and have no earthly idea why you did it.

6.  You accidentally hit the like button.

7.  You want my life (secretly you wish there was an “enough already” button).

Behold the GIF

If a picture paints a thousand words, then what about two pictures?  Put them together to tell a story, make them move, and you’ve got yourself a GIF.  Cute, right?  Or maybe a little annoying?

Missing Tooth Gif

But is GIF a new art form?  Art is many things to many people and if you google the word art, you will probably find a definition to fit your personal bent.  I like this one:  “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.”  By this definition, ancient cave drawings, my own crude paintings, insta-gram photographs and GIFS qualify, as well as Picasso and Sherman.

But, if I think a piece is rude, crude or socially unattractive, I prefer the definition: “the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.”

Art, like beauty, is heavily influenced by one’s culture but ultimately belongs to the eye of the beholder.  I choose what appeals to me.  You choose what appeals to you.

I’ve seen these moving images before.  I just did not know the term GIFS, short for graphics interchange format. I find them amusing, obnoxious, flashy and funny but up until now, have never considered whether they are art.  I did find that creating a GIF involves challenge, choices, infinite possibility and a sense of accomplishment and pride at the final product.  Art or not, thanks to this week’s WordPress challenge, I have another tool for telling my story and am a few steps closer in narrowing the ever-increasing technological, generational gap.  After all, I don’t want that little girl with the missing teeth to say that her grandmother is still in the stone age.

(cartoon from article: “Oldest Confirmed Cave Art Is a Single Red Dot“)


In an Instagram

(Weekly Writing Challenge)

I’m safe in here, but outside a storm rages.

I hear the heavy spray and the sloshing, slapping of soggy tentacles.

The window, now kaleidoscope projects a sliding, melting, morphing image.

Before I am ready it’s over.

Over but captured in an instagram.

I am thrust out into the sunshine.  Spic and span.


Where am I?