What to wear to the big dance

I’m thrilled to be going to the Big Dance with my favorite man! We get to share our date with some vibrant, interesting people.  And here I am, fretting because I don’t know what to wear.  Red and Yellow, seem to be the colors of preference for this particular event.  I do look better in red and yet…

I want to be the perfect southern lady, oozing with hospitality, minus the bless your heartisms.  I certainly don’t want to offend anyone and I don’t know which color our guests prefer.  And there is the possibility that someone I know may see me and I don’t know which color they prefer.

I could weigh in on the animals.  That may help.  Let’s see, cardinal vs wolverine?  Everyone who knows me, knows that I do have a thing for cardinals.  Not that I have anything against wolverines.

I could go with the state angle and I have so many friends in Michigan.  But, Kentucky is my neighbor.

I did not enter one of those pool things, so I have nothing to gain or lose there, but my sister did and she has been all Louisville from the get-go.  I really love my sister.

Oh I know who I’m for, of course, but I haven’t even told anyone who I voted for in the Presidential election.  Talk about stirring up an instant firestorm.

Call me chicken, call me pathetic, I think basic black is what I’ll wear, always in vogue.

Though I can control my outfit, I have a poor record of controlling my mouth.  Once the tip-off.  GO ??????!!!!!!!!