Polish and paint the town

Summer is the smell of coconut butter, the sound of  flipping-flops and the sight of painted toenails.  Teen-age Girlfriends paint each other and grand women go to salons, but either way, polished digits cause a girl to get giddy. 

The challenge is always the color, and though I usually lean toward the coral shades (never blues, greens, or browns); today I feel like RED.  Red is the color my mom would put on her fingers when she got all dressed up to go out with my dad.  Red is the color of the lipstick that my son’s 3rd grade teacher would ceremoniously pull out of her case and apply to her lips just before she planted a “big one” on his cheek to reward him for not disturbing the class for one whole day. 

And red is the color that I’ll use to paint the town with tonight.  A  grand saying that requires explanation: 

According to answers.com: “Painting the town red” originally meant to engage in a riotous spree. Today, it just means to go out and have a good time. You don’t really have to riot. The reference is to a tale dating from 1837. It is said that year is when the Marquis of Waterford and a group of friends ran riot in the Leicestershire town of Melton Mowbray in England, painting the town’s toll-bar and several buildings red.

Now, I must say in all honesty that when the Marquis went out on his infamous evening in 1837, I whole-heartedly agree with his color selection, because who really wants to paint the town blue, green or brown?

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