12 Puzzling Personality Traits

The ability to determine ones particular personality type has never been simpler.  In fact, it puzzles me that psychiatrists have not yet discovered this impressive and highly accurate diagnostic tool.  If one needs to know exactly how he or she is wired, bring on the jig-saw challenge.

1.  You may have Avoidant personality disorder, extreme fear of failure or are way too busy if you don’t go for this experiment and leave the puzzle un-opened and in the box.  Remedy:  You need to chill out.

2.  You may have Obsessive compulsive disorder if you immediately pick up the puzzle and dive right in. You demonstrate an insane need to bring order from chaos and can not help spending hours on end trying to make sense out of little colored cut out shapes.  Remedy:  You need to clear off a shelf in your closet for the stack of puzzles you will soon acquire.

3.  You can be sure of the OCD thing if you carefully separate the flat edges, do the border first, divide into color groups, and only place pieces which connect to each other in the center.  Remedy:  Keep going, you’re doing fine.

4.  You may have  Attention deficit disorder if you start the puzzle and then walk away before it’s even one-tenth finished.  Remedy:  Move on to video games.

5.   Can you say Schizophrenic if at first you search for the piece that fits the desired spot and then suddenly switch it up and search for the spot that fits the  piece?   Remedy:  Make a choice and stick to it, or not.

6.   You think you might just be a little Paranoid  if you cannot find the one piece you are looking for among the 750 or so left and you are firmly convinced that there is a conspiracy by the puzzle makers to leave that one piece out of the box to drive you crazy?  Remedy:  Relax, take a deep breath and look for a different  piece.

7.  You could be a bit of a Psychopath if you get angry, swear at the dog and throw the pieces all over the place.  Remedy:  You need to take up kick boxing.

8.   You may have Severe anxiety issues if you can’t go to sleep until the last piece is in place.  Remedy:  Put on the coffee and pull an all nighter.

9.  You’ve got a bad case of Non-specific disorder (which I like to call: Manic Manipulative disorder)  if you leave the sky for others and weigh in on the uni-lateral stripes, words, faces, or other easily distinguishable objects.  Remedy:  If you can get by with it, good for you.

10.  Oh you’re so Delusional if you prefer the 3,000 piece puzzle challengers with one main color, no recognizable pictures and all pieces of equal shape and size.  Remedy:   Have a reality check.

11.  You are definitely Narcissistic if you hide the last piece to make sure that you are the one who gets to complete the puzzle.  Remedy:  You need to learn to share, you selfish little rat.

12.  You have major Separation anxiety and you have trouble letting go if you are unable to break the puzzle down and put it back in the box.  You keep running your hand over the beautifully smooth connected ridges and you no longer have the use of your dinning room table.  Remedy:  You need to pick up and move on.